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Own A Blogging Cash Rich Empire

Own A Blogging Cash Rich Empire

Making money online has taken new heights. More and more ways to make money through the internet has been realized every now and then. And one of them is Blogging.

This approach requires minimal effort but deals tremendous result for your business. It only involves nominal startup rate but gives back remarkable results like loyal readers. It can also be a source of decent income even in the times when you failed to update your blog.  It also increases your internet influence via your blog.

Many people think that setting up your online blog is a pain in the neck. But the truth is it’s the other way around. There are many ways to set up your online blog, the easy method.

You can use WordPress, Blogger, or other free sites, that offers hosting for your blog. Or if you really want to make a more “exclusive” hosting, you can set up your own blog under your own domain name.

Blogging can be a great source of money; it’s a very powerful and efficient system for generating income. But first, you must obtain total control over your blog, – but that’s not easy, this is a fact that free blogging accounts don’t usually give you. Making an agreement with this bound you to theirs terms and condition which sometimes limits your ability to vigorously endorse anything. Many instances occur that some people enthusiastically inaugurate a blog only to have it removed without any notification some weeks or months later.

If you are planning to “buy” your freedom in blogging, it will cost you a few bucks to buy a domain name and set a web server to host your blogs. But the benefits that you can gain will overshadow the cost that it imposes. The price tag that comes along with this blogging freedom can be as low as $20 a year. Sounds like a good deal? It is.

But before that, of course you need to think of a theme and a layout for it. Looking for a good theme is very tricky, but one thing that you can do is to think of a theme parallel to your interests/choice of subject. As for the layout, there are tons of templates out there (others are for free) that are available to everyone. A simple search to your browser can solve this dilemma.

But the most, and by far the vital part of this topic is “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BLOG ABOUT?” everything is on your palm. You can make your blog in almost anything or anyone (with enough authorization from the person that you are writing into) but some people just blog about common things, about their life, about business, and all sorts of topic that they can do. But whatever you choose to blog about, it needs to be something that you are in parallel of, something that imparts your idea, belief and interest. Remember your reasons why you are doing this, and if you write something that you are not passionate about, it will reflect in your blog, plus the fact that you are doing this is a weekly or even a daily basis. This will utterly affect not just your business, but also your clients/reader.

Now that you have your subject, you now have to start your blog writing. Please do notice some of the blog posts of other that exist today. There are some differences between each blog post of every other individual, they vary on length. Some bloggers only writes a paragraph or two every time they post. Of course, this is completely acceptable. There is no restriction to how long your post might be. But you will get better results if you go further that two or more paragraphs. Around 400-500 words will surely make an impressive and informative blog that can be useful to your reader. Some people write longer than 500 words per post up to a thousand words long. It is often called E-Book.

Like I have said before, there are no real rules when it comes to online blogging. The time will come you will find a system that works fittingly for you, and as well as your blog. Your blog will eventually resolve to a pattern that will be beneficial to you and your reader. And also, your personality and your interests will arise within your blog. It is, after all, your personal blog, an individual’s life and experiences so you should really imply in your writing what you really indicate.

Now that you have a running online blog, the next thing that you need to do is to gain attention and get as much reader to your blog as much as possible.

One great way to do so is to submit it to as many bookmarking sites as possible. What’s important is you get as much free publicity for your blog as possible. You can submit it to wherever you can submit it (as long as it is not jeopardizing any legal terms and other people’s interest).

You can also join social networking sites and build your profile which can be the catalyst for your blog.

But how will you monetize your blogs?

Google Adsense is the most probable answer due to its reputation and efficiency. You can join for free and post circumstantial ads to feed      to your visitors so that they will be interested in to maximize your through rate.

If you don’t have any place to put your blogs, there is some handful of sites which can give you a window of opportunity to gain some profits each time you post a blog made specifically to a certain subject. Pay per post and Review me are two such examples, and they will pay you quite well profit for every review of a product or a website for the owner. You can also do affiliate marketing and try to promote review and other people’s product. You can do it by inserting affiliate links into your blogs and earn money by commission through any purchase that people make.

And once you are settled, you can now offer ad space on you blog too, and charge fee for both classified and display ads if you desire.

But the most lucrative way to monetize your blog is to sell it. Once your blog have established a strong foundation and is producing decent and regular traffic, you can sell it for ten times its monthly charge.

And then you can start all over again with a new topic. The whole process will be repeated, as well as the revenue.

About Edward Lester

Edward Lester
Edward is well respected throughout the community and in addition to his listing in Who’s Who in Technology – Crain’s Detroit, he has been published in the Detroit News, Michigan Technology News, Internet Day, Adcrafter Roster Edition, BigIdea Magazine, Internet Survival Guide, and has spoken at Internet World, glima, Automation Alley, State of the Net, Digital Detroit, Ann Arbor IT zone, ITEC, DMAD, and the Adcraft Club.
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